Sedative during pregnancy and breastfeeding

body pregnant and lactating women suffering from hormonal changes.This may explain the frequent changes of mood woman, her irritability, recurrent panic attacks, inexplicable urge to cry, often appearing hysteria, insomnia.And at the same time, the expectant mother, of course, understands that it is for the baby to be calm and confident.Therefore, women often wonder what can be a sedative for pregnant women?

Doctors recommend to avoid taking any drugs during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester of her.Expectant mothers need more walk in the fresh air, surround yourself with positive emotions and optimistic people.

But not always, these tips can help a pregnant woman.In this case, you must choose the right sedative during pregnancy.

What can be a sedative for pregnant

Many sedatives should not be taken during pregnancy.Prohibited in this period include popular Corvalol, Valocordin, Validol, Bromkamfora, drugs bromine chemical origin sedatives (tranquilizers).Especially dangerous are reass

uring for pregnant women in the first trimester.Acceptance of these drugs increases the risk of serious diseases and abnormalities in the baby.

is best as a sedative during pregnancy used herbal drugs.Usually this grass motherwort, roots and rhizomes of valerian, passionflower herb, mint, lemon balm.These plants are composed of essential oils, alkaloids, which beneficially affect the body of the future mother and her child.

as a sedative during pregnancy often recommend drugs motherwort.You can make a therapeutic infusion of the plant.To this end, 15 g of motherwort herb boiled water and insist 15-25 minutes.After the infusion was cooled and filtered.Take a tablespoon two or three times a day.

You can prepare a mixture of herbs motherwort and valerian.

Valerian take during pregnancy as a sedative for insomnia, nervousness, nervous excitement.In addition to a sedative (soothing) effect, valerian has a mild sedative effect.The roots and rhizomes of valerian are available in the form of briquettes.To prepare such a briquette 1-2 cloves pour a glass of water.Then boil for five minutes and filter through a bandage or gauze.Take a tablespoon two or three times a day.

can take valerian in the form of tablets.Typically a pregnant woman administered one tablet twice or three times per day.

At the pharmacy you can see alcohol tincture of valerian.But such a sedative for pregnant women is contraindicated, since it contains alcohol.

well as increased excitability of the pregnant woman is sometimes prescribed passionflower extract.Normally it is taken 35-40 drops twice or three times a day.

Novo-pass - a sedative for breastfeeding mothers as a sedative during pregnancy many women take herbs mint and lemon balm.In addition, these plants help to significantly reduce the nausea that often accompanies pregnancy women.These herbs are recommended to take in spastic conditions of the digestive tract, cardiovascular neurosis, insomnia in pregnant women.Breathing fresh pounded leaves of mint and lemon balm, expectant mother can get rid of unpleasant feelings in the heart.

Some experts suggest pregnant women take special drugs that contain the above-mentioned plants.These tools include Novo-Pass and Persia.

New Pass contains herbs lemon balm, valerian, hawthorn, St. John's wort, hops, passion flower, elderberry.

The composition of Persia contains extracts of mint, lemon balm, valerian.

Sometimes the nervousness and anxiety of pregnant women may indicate a lack of vitamins in her body B. In this case, well to take a course of vitamin therapy.In addition, it is necessary to increase the content in the diet of lean pork and beef, liver, milk, dairy products, nuts and beans.

Many women as a sedative for pregnant women use aromatherapy.Most often the calming smell of sandalwood, peppermint, pine needles, lemon balm.While the selection of a suitable essential oil - is an individual process.If a woman certain aroma calms, at another woman, he may act excitingly.

Some women prefer homeopathic sedatives during pregnancy.However, in this case it is necessary to remember that in order to feel the effect of receiving homeopathic medication, it must be taken continuously for a long time.

expectant mother must remember that prescribe a sedative it should be a doctor.Self-medication in this case is unacceptable, it can lead to very serious consequences.What can be a sedative for pregnant women can accurately tell a doctor.

Calming breastfeeding

emotional balance mom breast-feeding, it is important during lactation.Stressful situations, the excitement - all of which can cause changes in the quality and quantity of milk.In doing so, the choice of sedatives should be treated very seriously, as many components of these preparations contain substances banned during lactation.

Many women as a sedative during breastfeeding using medicinal plants and herbal teas.But in this case need to be very careful.Some herbs can not be used during lactation.For example, mint, has a calming effect, reduces the production of breast milk.Conversely, Verbena officinalis and fennel not only have sedative properties, but also to increase lactation.

In some cases the use of the nursing mother of valerian in the form of tablets or tincture of valerian roots.Typically, valerian is assigned to one tablet three times a day.

sedatives during breastfeeding can be tincture of Leonurus.Pharmacies can buy grass motherwort in filter bags for infusion.Absolutely contraindicated in nursing mother taking the drug Motherwort Forte.

It is important to try not to take alcohol tinctures of soothing herbs.They contain alcohol with frequent intake can adversely affect the child.

also as a sedative during breastfeeding can be used homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy, special baths and massages.

In any case, a sedative during pregnancy and breast-feeding women should choose a doctor.Even the most innocuous at first glance agent may pose a threat to the health of the mother or baby.Only a doctor prescribe the right anti-anxiety drugs, pick up the correct dose and duration of therapy.