Monthly breastfeeding

Many women after childbirth concerned about the issue, soon to recover their menstrual cycle.

The majority (about 80%) of women who are not breastfeeding, menstruation will usually recover within ten to sixteen weeks after delivery.Home

monthly breastfeeding often falls on the twentieth - the twenty-fifth week after birth.However, in some women, the process may commence later.

menstruation called bleeding from the vagina, which appear at the beginning of every new cycle.The inner layer of the uterus is lined with endometrium each month, which is attached to the fertilized egg.If there is no fertilization, the endometrium is separated from the uterine wall, and appears in the form of menstruation.

With the onset of a woman's pregnancy, due to hormonal changes the body, there are changes in the endocrine, nervous and circulatory systems.And stops menstruating.

After birth, a woman's body is slowly returning to its previous state.During the 6-8 weeks of a woman's uterus contracts and lowered her botto

m.This process is accompanied by a bloody discharge - lohiyami.During delivery of the placenta after the wall of the uterus are wound surface large enough.It is quite natural that such an open wound bleeds.On the first day immediately after birth allocated bloody lochia.Over time, their texture becomes serous-sukrovichnoy.Then lochia become whitish-yellow, their number gradually decreases.Fuckers have nothing to do with menstruation.

monthly during breastfeeding

Restoring the female menstrual cycle is primarily a hormonal process.The speed of this process depends on how quickly restored hormonal postpartum women.And this is due to the fact how the woman breast-feeding.All the matter in a special female hormones - prolactin.Under the action of this hormone occurs milk production in the mammary glands of the mother.At the same time prolactin tends to suppress ovarian function.As a result, the follicles do not mature and do not receive the egg.Therefore, monthly breastfeeding often do not start for a long time.

In the case where the child is exclusively breastfed, and at any time receives only breast milk, menstruation usually occurs by the time the end of the lactation period.Most often, it's the end of the first year of life.

Monthly breastfeeding may occur before the end of the lactation period in a situation when to introduce solid foods baby.

Some kids get mixed feeding, where they are fed and breast milk, and artificial nutrition.Monthly during breastfeeding mixed type usually occurs 3-4 months after delivery.

appearance of menstruation during lactation should not disturb a woman and cause the termination of breastfeeding.During this period, often reduces the number of allocated milk.In this case, the woman should feed the baby more often.Sometimes on a recovery in the menstrual cycle in a nursing mother's milk may disappear gradually.Then you need to gradually introduce solid foods a child.

It is believed that during menstruation taste and nutritional value of breast milk significantly deteriorate.Even if it happens in some cases, after all monthly returns to normal.

monthly after breastfeeding

Monthly after breastfeeding Yet, in most cases occurs in women after the beginning of the month of breastfeeding.Typically, the reduction of the menstrual cycle occurs over 1.5-2 months after the cessation of breast-feeding.For most women, the menstrual cycle, renewed after birth, immediately becomes a regular.But sometimes it can be installed within 2-3 menstrual periods.At this time, there are irregular menses, come with a delay or, alternatively, before the term.However, the menstrual cycle to become regular after the first two or three menstrual periods.

If in this period, monthly cycle and not recovered, the woman should consult a physician-gynecologist.This condition can be a sign of the presence of inflammatory diseases of internal genital organs, tumors of the ovaries and uterus, endometriosis.

Very often after childbirth changing nature of menstruation.In most cases, they are more regular than before pregnancy.Many women also reduces the intensity of pain during menstruation, or they are completely painless.This is usually associated with painful menstruation women having uterine bend.This makes it difficult to bend the outflow of blood during menstruation.During labor, the disappearance of the uterus bend, changing the relative positions of some of the abdominal organs.Thanks to more physiological position of the uterus disappear pain in women during menstruation.

If a woman there are any problems with menstruation during breastfeeding, you should consult a doctor.Experienced specialist always ready to help deal with the problem, if necessary, pick up a woman needs treatment

Every breastfeeding mother should remember that her calm - the key to successful breastfeeding.And, of course, peace of mind and health of her child.