Causes and treatment of pain during breastfeeding

Many nursing mothers are often overshadowed by the joy of motherhood pain during breastfeeding.Some women with fear while awaiting the next feeding.But this, of course, wrong.Out of such a difficult situation there.To do this, you need to determine the reason why sore breasts when breastfeeding.And fix it.

Breast pain breastfeeding related to milk production

Some breastfeeding mothers feel quite uncomfortable during high tide of milk to his chest.These tides are called the medical term "oxytocin reflex", because they come under the influence of the hormone oxytocin.This hormone stimulates the muscle cells in the breast milk to surrender.It is produced in the first days after the birth of the baby in response to sucking his chest.In the future, even the thought of a child my mother can trigger the production of oxytocin.

Breastfeeding women in many ways feel a rush of milk in the breast.Some feel a tingling, pricking, pain in the breast-fed.Others felt discomfort and mild pain.There are women who do n

ot feel anything at all.But in any event, with further feeding of discomfort tested.

Some nursing mothers breast pain during breastfeeding when too much milk.This is due to the fact that during lactation in women increases blood flow to the breast.The cells of the breast that produce milk, swell, making it difficult to promote milk ducts.Breast becomes painful and hot.

These unpleasant symptoms are usually held during 1-3 months of feeding.Mom must learn how to put the baby to her breast.In the future, the amount of milk produced will fully meet the needs of the crumbs.

Initially feeding to no pain during breastfeeding, and the child was easier to take the breast, it is necessary to express a little milk.This can be done by hand or breast pump.

Cracked nipples - the cause of pain in the breast-feeding baby

common cause of chest pain during breastfeeding are cracked nipples.Lead to cracks by many factors.

Most often cracked nipples occur because of improper seizure of her baby during feeding.Nursing mother should show the correct position of the baby during breast-medical personnel or nearest relative.Minor cracked nipples heal quickly without additional tools for correction capture.At sufficiently deep cracks after correcting the capture can use silicone pads for the breast at the time of healing.In addition, to promote healing and reduce pain during breastfeeding used sea buckthorn oil, healing creams and ointments.The most commonly used creams Lansino, Purelan, Bepanten ointment Solkoseril.All these wound-healing agents are applied after feeding.Before serving, be sure to wash them.

Another cause cracks on the nipple may be fungal or staphylococcal infection.In this case, drug therapy is needed.Of course, it has to choose a doctor.

Some nursing mothers properly care for the breast.A rare change of pads for the chest, chest frequent washing with soap and water, drying teat drugs (alcohol, brilliant green) may contribute to the appearance of cracks on the nipple.They, in turn, lead to pain in the breast during breastfeeding.In such a situation it is necessary to organize proper care of feeding.No need to wash it with soap and water before each feeding, can not be used in the care podsushivayuschee funds.To prevent cracks well arrange for the breast air baths.

In the first weeks of feeding a crack may occur due to the fact that the mother takes quite sharply from the chest baby's mouth.It is better if, after eating, the baby off the breast itself.But if necessary, it is necessary to remove the breast correctly.To do this in baby's mouth close to the nipple mom sticks her little finger clean.And then, gently pulls the chest.

In some cases, the development of cracks on the nipple contributes to misuse of Breast.Breast Pump must be chosen to the nipple at the center of its crater.In addition, the strength of its absorption should be absolutely comfortable for women.Until then, until you heal chest, breast pump is better not to use.It is necessary to switch to manual pumping milk.

Mastitis as the cause of pain during breastfeeding

Mastitis is the cause of pain during breastfeeding Quite often the reason that a woman has sore breasts when breastfeeding may be the development of such unpleasant diseases as mastitis.From this disease affects about 5% of lactating mothers.Most of them - young women who give birth for the first time, which due to improper pumping breast milk there is a violation of patency of mammary ducts.

The cause of acute suppurative mastitis infection happens cocci (usually Staphylococcus aureus) and other pathogens.The infection passes through breast milk ducts or cracked nipples.

Symptoms of mastitis are usually clearly marked.Acute onset of the disease, most often appears on the second to fourth week postpartum period.There is a sharp increase in the overall body temperature to 38-39? C.General weakness, chills, headache.In addition to pain during breastfeeding, there is a constant chest pain.

In the absence of a competent treatment after two or three days there is a painful induration in the mammary gland, skin area over which red.Then, rather quickly increased swelling and tenderness in the affected area.

In the initial phase of acute mastitis use conservative therapy, which is the use of antibiotics.

If no effect within 48 hours of starting treatment, apply surgical treatment of mastitis.

Every nursing mother should try to prevent the development of this rather complex disease.The basic preventive measures can be called mandatory pumping milk and mitigation of injuries and cracked nipples.

addition to the above reasons lead to the fact that the chest pain while breastfeeding can still several factors:

  • properly fitted bra for feeding;A good cup of products should not be tight, and joints should not touch the breast;
  • fibrocystic breast disease;when the disease in a woman's breasts appear painful education, which are filled with fluid;
  • premenstrual syndrome;if a nursing mother resumed menstruation, in the second half of the menstrual cycle, the breasts may be quite painful.

cause of pain during breastfeeding is not difficult to determine.In this nursing mother will always help an experienced physician.Mom just need to listen to its recommendations and, if necessary, undergo treatment.And then nothing can overshadow the happy moments of unity of mother and child.